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What do you want for Lemoyne's parks?

Your input will help the Borough of Lemoyne develop its Comprehensive Recreation, Parks and Open Space Plan!

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The Borough of Lemoyne is developing a master plan for its park system to ensure that parks and recreational opportunities are able to be enjoyed by residents for years to come. This plan will also develop an approach for maintaining and improving these green spaces.


This planning process will involve extensive public participation in order to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition, it will include an inventory and analysis of all recreation assets, ADA accessibility analysis, green infrastructure analysis, mapping, and an action plan. 

This planning process incorporates the Implementable Plan Model. This approach flips the script on the traditional way communities approach long-range planning, which all too often results in a document collecting dust on a shelf. Our project focuses on generating the capacity and momentum to take action on consensus community priorities. The process will provide the creative ideas and strategies to fuel action plans that can be readily undertaken. It builds teams of leaders and resource groups that represent ways and means to get things done. It makes implementation a well-supported, clear and feasible next step.


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Talk to us!

Please let us know if you have ideas or feedback that should be considered for the plan, or if you would like to submit your contact details to be kept in the loop as the planning process unfolds.


Plan consultant:

Heather Cuyler, CPSI, CPRP, CPO


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